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Black hat SEO is not something uncommon or new and certainly it can destroy your website’s rankings in search engines. In this post, we have explained some of the worst SEO practices that can destroy your site rankings.

  • Duplicate Content

Many companies and organizations are just looking to fill slots on their company’s blog, so they feature blog posts from other companies in order to post more content and generate more traffic. This can have an adverse effect on the website because of the guidelines of Google on duplicate content. Therefore, it is vital that you don’t put any duplicate content on your website. Your web content should be unique, informative and yes SEO friendly. Remember, SEO does not do well with duplicate content.

  • Stuffing Of Keyword

There was a time when webmasters felt that the more a keyword was used on a Web page; the better the site will rank for that term. But, Google scowls upon the practice of “keyword stuffing” and can penalize your website or even remove it from the Google index if it found you are using this technique today. This giant search engine clearly defines keyword stuffing as the practice of loading a webpage with key terms in an attempt to influence the ranking of a site in Google’s search results. Inserting your keywords in the description, title, in the first paragraph and a couple of times in the text is sufficient. Here we also need to get aware from SEO myth, Lets see a video from Matt Cutts where he has cleared lots of SEO myth –

  • Cloaking

An old technique refers to the practice of presenting various URLs or content to users and search engines. Cloaking is considered as a bad SEO practice. It occurs when a site recognizes that Google is searching for it and delivers the content different from what is on the site. In addition, displaying of diverse versions of a web page to website users and the crawler is bad SEO tactic as well. Take a Look upon our recent post about Tips To Create A High Quality Business Web Site

  • Low Quality Posts

Posting new content regularly is a good SEO practice, but it is also significant to keep a balance between content created and content provided from and to the site in exchange for a link. To make sure a quality guest post, review the website of the guest blogger’s to discover whether they are knowledgeable on the topic / subject they want to write about. In addition, reduce the number of back-links allowed and Keep all posts more than 400 words.


At the present time, what is more essential for a website’s success is to follow those SEO (search engine optimization) practices that are based on Google’s standards, ethical and up to date with the Google’s latest Ranking Algorithm. Remember, past SEO practices like cloaking, keyword stuffing and massive link building should be ignored.

If you want to maintain a high-quality website that follows the Google Webmaster Guidelines as well as never want to be affected by any Google’s algorithm changes, contact us NOW. You can share your thoughts or ideas in the comments below.


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