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Web design includes the information architecture, site structure, navigation, user interface, layout, colors, imagery and fonts. If you want to create a high quality website for your business, then you need to take into consideration the following things that are given below:

Check Content Uniqueness

You need to make sure that you have unique and high-quality content in your website. You can check your existing web pages, and if you find any duplicate content on any page, and then remove it with unique content immediately. If your website two or more pages have the same content, then merge them into one and redirect the web page or pages with 301 redirection.

Reduce Ads Above The Fold

Google often penalized those websites that have many ads above the fold, which are not only bad for search engines, but are also for the user experience. Remember, if you have original and high quality unique content and ads below the fold, then at the end of your articles and blogs can also do great.

Make Your Site Load Quickly

You need to check your website with the page speed tool, and make sure that it loads quickly. We know it is not an easy task to do, but it is extremely significant.

Social Media Promotion

Do you have a twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest page or Google+? If not, then you are missing lots of opportunities. So, make your accounts on all major social networking sites. You can hire a online marketing company Australia to do social media promotion for your website.

Go Mobile

You must build your business site for both native apps and a mobile version. Remember, the experience of the reader and visitor is extremely imperative despite the platform.

Find Out What Readers Want

You can use the Google keyword tool to know what online users are looking for, and provide them the information they want. Besides, you can write content based on keywords they understand as well. Don’t use optimized titles all the time, but maintain a balance between optimized and non-optimized content.

Provide User-Friendly Navigation

Giving your site visitors with navigation that makes it easy and simple for them to get extra relevant information is a major element of keeping users engaged. Remember, if they find it tough to place additional relevant information, then they will move on to another site.

A professional and eye catching design and user-friendly navigation with engaging content or fast page load speeds are some major features of a quality website, and are essential to a successful SEO campaign. These features not only improve your site rankings but also contribute to higher conversion rate.


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